Little Fruit Farm News

04 Mar

Photos: Solin Gets Some Help

While this series of photos highlight Solin’s work with shapes, Miro may be benefiting the most from this interaction. In Montessori’s mixed-age classroom, the elder child is able to work on their leadership and social skills, while modeling the proper use also allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the material. Studies have also

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05 Feb

Photos: Dr. Lisa’s Lesson on Exercise

Dr. Lisa came in this past week for her monthly lesson, this one was all about the importance of exercise and staying active. She had the children provide examples of activities that counted as exercise (“watching tv…NO!, playing soccer…YES!”), explained how exercise and eating well allows your body to function at an optimal level, and

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21 Nov

Photos: Turkey Season at Little Fruit Farm Montessori

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, the children have been busy with a multi-step art project creating their own turkey’s. This gallery shows them adding detail on their turkey with black paint. Prior to this they painted construction paper brown, using a brown paint they each created by mixing together red, yellow and blue. This provided

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15 Nov

Photos: Spanish Lesson at Little Fruit Farm Montessori

Yesterday the children received a Spanish lesson, conducted by our parent volunteer, Margarita. She covered various kinds of foods, and had the children match the Spanish word with the food she brought in Ziploc bags. She then gathered all of the food and put it in a bag that was placed in the center of

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06 Aug

Children’s Mural Featured at International Montessori Congress

It was exciting to see the children’s mural (on the left) displayed at the recent International Montessori Congress held at the Oregon Convention Center! The children and Ms. Lauren worked diligently the past few weeks to bring it to life. Dr. Maria Montessori established the International Congress in 1929 to raise the awareness and understanding

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