Summer School Begins and 2 For 1 Special!

lffm-summer-day-1Our summer program began today and there is still time to get your child enrolled!  LFFM will be open Monday through Thursday 8:30 – 5:00 and some Fridays.  You can sign up for the full 8 weeks, or our last minute rates are $10.00 per hour per child*.  We are planning some fun activities and adventures out and about, so we hope to see you!

Summers’ starting, coordinate your schedules and then contact us.  Then just bring the kids and we’ll take care of the rest!

*We are trying something new this summer.  If you would like to coordinate ahead with other families to guarantee your child has the friend or friends they would like to be with and you can arrange to bring 4 children together, (siblings, cousins, friends and friends of friends), we will give our last minute rate a 2 for 1 price!  Please give me a weeks notice (not including this week since we are just getting started) so I can plan something special for your kids such as one of the camp themes or an outing.  On the days, 4 or more students join us, those enrolled for the full summer program will also get the 2 for 1 price!