Photos: Little Fruit Farm’s Field Trip to Washington County Museum

Yesterday was our field trip to the Washington County Museum in downtown Hillsboro. The children and Ms. Lauren were joined by several parents and grandparents, as well as a few siblings who had the day off due to parent conferences. We took advantage of the park and ride at 170th and Baseline to take the max into Hillsboro, as the last stop is only a block away from the museum. Most of the kids hadn’t ridden on the max before, so it was a treat to watch them experience it for the first time!

Beth Dehn, who handles group visits to the museum, greeted us upon our arrival and was a terrific tour guide for the duration of our visit. With Beth’s prompting the children experienced how Native American’s baked Camas root, touched the fur of different animals that lured in the area’s first white settlers, handled a variety of items that would have been found in homesteader households, learned about the area’s rich baseball tradition, and got to see the old glass plate camera that William Finley used for his black and white images of nature.

All told, the children had a great time while also gaining a larger appreciation for this place we call home!